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Many of the leather sheaths pictured below can be designed and built to fit your favorite knife. Since all of our sheaths are wet molded around the exact blade we will need your knife for a few days to draw up the design and mold the sheath. We maintain a money back guarantee, even for our custom sheaths. If you are not satisfied for any reason simply return the sheath and we will refund your money with no questions asked. We also build the occasional holster for our return customers and a few of the more popular models are pictured here along with some totally custom pieces created from scratch.

One of our fully lined belt pouches. This one cradling a cherished Boker folder somewhere in Idaho. Our belt pouches can be built for just about any folder or multi-tool available today.

Detective holster reminiscent of the 1960s and 70s detective bureaus. This one is designed around a beautiful Smith and Wesson model 10-5, circa 1962.

Upland radio collar holster. Made as a "drop down" to allow access below your hunting coat. We can and have custom built just about anything leather to help you enjoy your outdoor adventures.

Ladies western belt. Occasionally we do actually get a "normal" leather working request and this is one. Nickel silver hardware with continuous hand stitching.

A simple hatchet mask to keep the camp a little safer.

A customer order survival belt kit designed and built around his tools. We use a wet molding process to achieve an exact fit. Cost for a kit like this upon request.

Our standard K-Bar sheath in dark brown with a Norton pocket stone, nickel hardware and solid core stainless steel rivets. As always we match the leather thickness to the size and style of the knife. This one is 9-10 oz. leather. The current price for this sheath is $123.00, tax and priority mail shipping included.

One of our classic heavy leather sheaths with Norton pocket stone, 9-10 oz leather, nickel silver dual retention snaps solid stainless steel rivets and leg/gear tie - built around a customer's BK7.

If you're wondering why our sheaths look different than most, its because each sheath, and holster, is literally built around the very knife or pistol for which it's designed. No two are exactly the same, but everyone is hand cut, hand stitched, hand molded. They fit perfectly, hence our reputation and our money back guarantee. 

A lot of detail in this larger sheath built around a large 12" Blackjack bowie fighter. Round leather lacing, nickel silver hardware faux alligator inlay and built from 10 ounce leather. Pricing upon request based on your specifications.

A classic belt holster with a little flair built around a Colt 380 for the Illinois concealed carry folks. A similar size and style can be built for $110 + tax.

My personal bushcraft carry rig, our ranger belt, a 1940s style holster for a Ruger Security Six and a long loop style sheath with a stud strap built around our largest "Nessmuk" knife. A beautiful rig in any state or terrain.

Another of our basic "slip-in" sheaths, this one built around our Tiffin River gambler's knife. This type and size of sheath sells for approx. $80.00 + tax and shipping.

Our horizontal folder pouch, this one for a custom Buck 110 style folder. Made from 9-10 ounce leather.

Our version of a double shoulder rig for the venerable 1911. Contact us for an exact price quote for your ideas.

A more traditional version of our 1911 rig.

All of our holsters are "special requests" and this one was designed "very plain" from unusually heavy leather just as the customer wanted. We pride ourselves on creating exactly what you want.

A double mag pouch for a Beretta 92F with an add on for a favorite Buck folder.

A no frills customer designed bushcraft sheath for his OKC bushcraft knife. 8-9 oz heavy oiled leather, ceramic sharpening rod and ferrocerium rod with solid core brass rivets. This sheath for a similar size knife is listed for approximately $88.00.

When building a sheath for your specific knife we often request you ship the knife to us to ensure a perfect fit. We maintain a vast collection of knife models, but simply not every one, there's always tomorrow.

As our customer specified, a very modest horizontal shoulder holster for his favorite concealed carry Beretta 92F. No frills, bells or whistles, just lined heavy leather.

Our simplest slip in sheath, shown here with our Vermillion River EDC. List price for the sheath, $65.00.

BK-16 slip in bushcraft sheath with ferro rod. Perfect for camping or survival. Hand tooling, stainless steel rivets and 9 ounce leather. Lists for $94.00.

A smaller friction fit holster designed for a Sig Sauer P238.

A plain bushcraft sheath built for a customer's BK-16 bushcraft knife. Ferro rod pouch and stainless steel solid core rivets. As of spring of 2018 this sheath lists for $90.00.

A vertical pouch built for a Leatherman Surge multi-tool. Brass snap and rivets with a natural leather finish. 

COCAJO Blades and Leather is located in rural central Illinois and as you know our business is knives and sheaths and everything sharp. We built these two pliers pouches to keep our local farmers happy, not exactly "sharp" tools, but good looking none the less.

Custom holster for a 1947 Iver Johnson 22 cal. done in the classic vintage style of 1940s revolver holster.